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This trail site is not directly related to the westward emigration but is instead an 1857 "Mormon War" site. Utah Territory had been created in 1850 but various events led to a strained relationship between the federal government and the new territory. In 1857, James Buchanan became President and appointed Alfred Cumming as governor to replace Brigham Young. Buchanan ordered 2,500 men under Colonel Albert Sydney Johnston to escort Cumming to Utah Territory so that he could assume his office.

Governor Brigham Young, determined to resist interference in his territorial government, dispatched a party of Utah militiamen under Lot Smith to harass and delay the Army troops from entering the valley. On October 5, 1857, Lot Smith and his men captured and burned 23 corralled wagons filled with supplies for Johnstonís troops. This, along with attacks on two other supply trains, ultimately resulted in the destruction of 368,000 pounds of rations. As a result, the Army troops were prevented from entering the territory as planned. The delay led to a peaceful resolution of the conflict between the federal government and Utah Territory.

Public (BLM)

Sweetwater County, Wyoming. T24N/R107W
The Bureau of Land Management has erected interpretive signs on the north side of State Route 28 about 10 miles southwest of Farson. Several unidentified graves are located in this area.

National Park Service Comprehensive Management Plan
There are no known threats to the site. The site is not listed on the National Register.

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